How to: Fish, Potatoes and Cheese?

Hey guys! So I was super excited to post this recipe up. I make this all the time at home and my family and I really enjoy it. It's super easy and all you'll need is just a few ingredients.
I love making fish because it's loaded with nutrients such as vitamin D and protien which are super important for your body and brain. Eating fish has a lot of benefits for your health. Research has shown that fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which protect your vision, reduces risk of type 1 diabetes and lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes just to name a few.
In this recipe I'll be using Basa fish, which is absolutely delicious. You can get it frozen or fresh at your local super market. I like to prepare it with fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and cheese (to me the cheese gives it that extra touch). You can add a few potatoes to add to your dish and serve it with a simple salad, or rice.
I love making this at home and I hope you guys give it a try- you'll love it.

Check my youtube channel an see how I did it:

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-Basa fish (make for how many people you'll be serving)
-salt and pepper (pinch of both), oregano (2tbsp)
-2 cups of onions
-2 cups of tomatoes
-1 cup of mozzarella cheese
-5 potatoes (optional)

note: base fish cooks fast, so give it a good 40 min and check that the potatoes are soft

Onions, tomatoes, cheese please!

Rinse well.

Baja Fish, chopped tomatoes, finely sliced onions, salt, oregano, grated cheese

potatoes (optional)

Almost ready!




Day At The Farm

Happy Sunday! Today I went to the Downey's Farm Market with my family and it was completley filled with pumpkins! I was so in love! but it was absolutely freezing! (serious face). I didn't expect it to be sooo cold! I wanted to take a lot more pictures to show you guys but to be honest I was so cold that my hands were frozen within a few minutes.
I was also going to film as I had mentioned on my previous post that I was thinking of uploading a vlog on my youtube channel. I did record somewhat- it's not the best as I was freezing and I couldn't keep still hahah. I ended up getting sick and I'm starting to lose my voice :(
My outfit was so cute and I totally forgot to take a picture (sorry guys). Any who my outfit consisted of ripped denim, pink converse, a green parka and a black scarf from Zara.

Getting the hang of editing so hope you guys enjoy:

Click here for youtube channel

Here a few pictures

 Pumpkins <3

My adorable nieces <3




Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the weekend! So I went shopping and picked up a few things this month that I've been loving and wanted to share.

1. FujiFilm- I've been eyeing this baby for awhile. I used to have the old school polaroid camera but, I never was able to find the film for it so when I saw that FujiFilm came out with these cute little cameras I knew I just had to have it. I've been holding off until I couldn't anymore lol!
It's the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and its the cutest little thing and fits perfectly in my purse. I've been taking loads of pictures so I'll share a few of them in one of my next posts. Can I just point out how cute this baby pink is?!

2. Old Navy bag- So bucket bags are in and I've been looking for a cute affordable one. So one day I was shopping and went into Old Navy and I spotted this one. I think it's so darn cute! The material feels really nice and I love the colour. At first I was hesitating to buy it just because I'm that type of girl that when she carries her bag around she likes to carry her life in her bag. You need tweezers- I got them, You want wet naps- I got them etc. hahaha
Any who this bag fits a lot and it a great bag that I can wear now in the fall and its transitions great to the winter months.

3. Marc Jacob wallet- Shut the front door! I've been eyeing this wallet for the longest time of life! No kidding. I always said "mmm do I wanna spend so much money on a wallet?" but, then I thought:
a. I need a wallet (obvious point)
b. Sometimes I run out and just grab my wallet when I have to go to the grocery store quick times so why not carry something that's cute.
I knew I wanted something black, because it won't get dirty and black goes with everything. This style is the Large Classic Q zip around wallet and it fits a lot. It has 12 card slots and a lot of room for your cash and receipts. I mean its the perfect wallet. If you girls are looking for a good quality wallet I would highly recommend this one.

4. Forever 21 necklace- I was out with my boyfriend the other weekend and I spotted this cute necklace. It's a perfect little piece that you can wear with a just a simple grey, white or even black t-shirt, some ripped jeans and some white converse (thats my go-to look).
These cute flower earrings are also from Forever 21. I've wore them a few times with my hair up and paired it with a bold lip and I have recieved tons of compliments.

5. LimeCrime lipstick- I heard about this brand by the lovely and oh-so talented Nicole Guerriero (which I'm sure you all have heard of her) She's such a talented girl and I love watching her videos. I grabbed this LimeCrime Lipstick in the shade Centrifuchsia. I wanted to get that perfect hot pink shade so I could wear it aswell in the winter months. I'm not kidding, once I saw it I thought it was perfect for all year round. Beautiful colour. And can we just admire the packaging!? I'm a sucker for packaging so when I saw that there was a holographic unicorn on it- I was sold.

Hope your guys enjoyed




Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, which means lots of yummy food and a happy belly. It's such a nice time to get together with loved ones and enjoy some quality time with each other. I have such great memories growing up, helping my mother stuff the turkey, decorating the table with my sister and watching movies on the couch with my dad. For some reason we always watched the Mummy hahah.
There's a lot of things that I am truly grateful for- my family, health, love, and life in general. As you guys know I am new to blogging so I wanted to thank everyone who has stopped by to check my blog out. I'm really enjoying it and hope to share a lot more things with you guys. I also started a youtube channel and hopefully will be uploading some videos in the near future. Stay tuned for more blog posts.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family from mine!

Random- but I love these Zara jeans! :p



Travel: South America

I was going through some pictures of my trip this year to South America and wow. Can I go back???
I went away for 3 month to Chile and I got a chance to visit Santiago (the capital), Valparaiso, Con-Con, Maitencillo and of course Vina del Mar. The beaches are absolutely incredible, with a lot of activities that were always held for people to participate in. Everything there was full of life and was an adventure everyday. Both my parents are from Chile and have taken my sister and I back when we were younger but to be honest I don't remember much. I stayed with my boyfriend's family which made me feel right at home and were absolutely amazing with me. 
I tried to capture the beauty of this country but I don't think my pictures do it any justice. I was able to go to the markets, which I don't know why but, I loved it! My boyfriend would always laugh because I would always ask if there was one around or if we could stop by one. I went to produce market and also a craft market which included handmade jewelry, clothes, keychains, everything you could think of. Unfortunately since I wanted to try everything, I got sick, but that didn't stop me from exploring what Chile had to offer. Overall I had an amazing trip which I hope I will be able to repeat someday, as I feel super blessed for the beautiful memories I got to take home with me.

Beautiful walk by the beach

Quinta Vergara- Where the famous Music Festival is held

 Best bread of life!!!


How beautiful! <3

 Raspberry Juice with strawberry and dulce de leche ice cream

 can I please have an apartment infront of the ocean???

the view from the apartments

 The view!


fried fish with tomato and avocado salad 


The markets were amazing

 Cute magnets!


 These were actually as good as they look

 Shut the front door!.. Bomb.com


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