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Hello my loves! I hope everyone is doing great! I'm sorry I have been M.I.A, but I have been working on a few projects that I hope to share with you guys very soon, so stay posted!

Now we all love make-up, don't we? The freedom of creating a look with a stroke of a brush is amazing. In my opinion you don't have to be a professional make-up artist to do make-up, if you take the time to learn and practice, you'd be surprised how good you could be. Now a days, you just pop online and search "Make-up Tutorials" on Youtube and bam! You got a lesson on how to do a specific look in the comfort of your own home. I for one, am not a professional make-up artist but, I am a make-up enthusiast. I love make-up. With that said, I do believe that having the proper tools is a must. When applying certain make-up products, sometimes your finger tips just aren't enough.

I was contacted by Jessica from Reviews.com who was lovely enough to share some research, testing make-up brushes, in which she shares people's current favourite brushes.
I felt that the information gathered was quite helpful and interesting, some which could be of great use for anyone who loves make-up and wants to try some new brushes that can per-fect their look. I have yet to try all the brushes that were listed but I do own Real Techniques, e.l.f, and Sephora brushes and I think they are awesome, and work really well.

I really enjoyed reading this article, as I found it quite interesting. I appreciated that it was written with such detail, capturing what people really look for in a brush. Does it work? Can it apply my make-up evenly and easily? How much is it? These questions sometimes we feel shy to ask a sales rep; but with this review I found that my questions were answered. If you are interested in reading this article- click here! This team of researchers tested out a list of popular brands out there that we all love, everything from Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Tom Ford and even lower priced brushes from Real Techniques, Sonia Kashuk and even e.l.f.

Note: This information is based on a recent research that was done, some may have a different opinion which is also respected. 

Jessica once again thank you for contacting me, as I personally found it very helpful.

Hope you ladies enjoyed, until next time...




Maybelline Fit Me/ Drug Store Make-up: Review

Hello my loves! I hope everyone is doing great! I recently uploaded a mini vlog onto my youtube channel of when I was on my trip to Chile. If you haven't checked it out, please do and support me.
Alright with that said, I wanted to update you guys on my make-up routine. Now I have always been a fan of drug store make-up, in my opinion they are not only affordable but some are even as good as a high end make-up product.
I have used the Maybelline Fit-Me Foundation for quite some time, and whenever I'm not using the L'oreal True Match I reach for this one. I feel like it is a perfect everyday make-up foundation to use and it has SPF 18 in it as well which is a bonus. After I apply my foundation I like to lightly go in a use the Maybelline Fit-Me powder to set my whole face. I don't really use concealar on an everyday basis but when I feel like I need to tone down a few imperfections like the casual blemish, I will apply just a little bit to that area.

I find that the consistency and the pigmentation of the foundation is great. This foundation is also pretty light weight which is perfect for me since I'm not a fan of heavy foundations, as I feel that it's too heavy on my face. I also find that its a light-medium coverage foundation, so if your in the market for that, this is perfect for you!
Maybelline fit-me comes in a variety of colour selections which is awesome, I feel like there is an option for everyone. My current shade is 125, as I have a fair skin tone and don't like to tan my face in the summer so if anything I will go up a shade or two and try to match the rest of my body and of course add a little bit of bronzer.

When ever I apply this foundation I like to start with a good facial moisturizer, let that sit in and then go in with my Benefit Porefessional Primer. I apply small drops of the product all over my face and blend it with a damp Beauty Blender. I also used the Benefit Dandelion Blush and the Hourglass Ambient Lighing Bronzer to contour my face.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you.



A Little Summer Vlog

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is doing well :).. So I was looking over pictures and video footage that I had taken while I was on vacation in South America and I thought to myself, why not try to put a video together? Then I thought to myself, why not upload it on Youtube? LOL.. So that's exactly what I did, now before you go and check out the video let me just say, I'm trying to get the hang of editing and frankly it was fun looking back at where I was and remembering how it felt like being over there.
I'm also thinking of posting more videos similar to this one but where I'm actually interacting with the camera LOL (omg, can you guys sense how nervous I am?). Anyways I'm very new at this so I hope you guys like it, support me and share your thoughts :)

Click Image Below :)




It's a Special Day!

Hello guys! Today is quite a special day around here. I know Mother's Day just passed but we aren't going to stop the celebration there.. nope! It's my mom's birthday and with that comes cake! LOL .. We all need an excuse to eat some cake, don't we?
I wanted to dedicate today's post to my very special lady. My mother. She is one in a million, she truly is. My mother is one of the most inspiring people out there for me. She's pure in her intentions to help people out and says what she believes, and always means well. She's a fighter, who has been through a lot in her life time and somehow has come on top. My sibling and I are so lucky to have her and would be totally lost if it wasn't for her.

She's too cute...

She was so excited!

Cake was actually really goooodd!

I love you.


What's in My Travel Make-up Bag

Hello ladies! As you guys know I've been travelling, and with that said you all know what that means...packing. I used to carry so much more make-up then I actually needed and throughout my trips I've learned to take only the things I need instead of absolutely everything that I own LOL! I know I'm not the only guilty one, we ladies tend to over pack our make-up bags and then we end up using the same lipstick and the same eyeshadows. So this time I packed only the 'necessary'.

I packed the things that I would use on a day to day basis like the obvious, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. As well as things I know I would need like bandaids, hair ties and hand sanitizer, etc. Before I would be so concentrated in overfilling my make-up bag with every lipstick and eyeshadow palette that I had, that I would forget the obvious and then I would have to purchase the things I really needed once I got to my destination (which sucks, because things are way over priced at the store close to your hotel). I also brought along products I would use to do my everyday make-up, and kept everything to the minimum.

I really hope this helps you ladies to pack wisely, and more efficient.

Make-up Bag is from Forever 21.

Nail file, hair ties, bandaids, Josie Maren-Argan Oil, Venus Razor, Vaseline, tweezers, nail clippers, Dove Deodorant, Crest 3D white strips, hair clip, Q-tips, bobbin pins, Kleenex, toothbrush, Polysporin and Bath and Body Works sanitizer in French Lavender.

Eos lip balm, Nyx: Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, Nars Satin lip Pencil, Sephora by O-P-I Nail Polish (sorry don't know the shade), Maybelline Fit me Foundation in #125 Nude Beige, YSL Rouge Volute Shine #44, Revlon Colorbrust in #42 Bellini, Mac Lipgloss in Cultured, Benefit Professional Primer, Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment, Blush Quad, Make up For ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Pencil in #3C, Maybelline Stiletto eyeliner, Revlon Matte Balm #225 Sultry Sulfureuse, Cover FX #25 , Maybelline Baby lips #10 Peppermint, Tarte Cosmetics Blush in Paaarty, Almay Eyeliner, Almay Everyday Neutral Eyeshadow, Rimmel London Super Curler in Extreme Black, L'oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black, Mac Cosmetics Goldbit eyeshadow, Essie Nail Polish #764 Bikini So Teeny, Pure Ice Nail Polish #981CP in Superstar!



Follow me: Vina del Mar, Chile

Hello ladies! Happy Thursday! Hope you all are doing great.. a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to take a trip and get away from the cold, so I booked a flight and packed my bags, so here I am in beautiful Vina del Mar, Chile. I absolutely love it here. The beaches, the food, the people, everything.
The weather has been great! It's not my first time here so I know my way around the city, and know the best little restaurants hidden around town. Here's a few pictures of my trip so far.




Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer: Review

Hello ladies!...Hope everyone is having an amazing New Years thus far.. As always I have been all over the place. (surprised?.. ya neither am I, LOL)

Today I'd like to talk to you ladies about make-up. I have always been a fan of Clinique. I personally have sensitive skin to certain products so I'm always a bit hesitate on what I apply on my face. I've heard a lot about the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. At first I was a bit spectacle about this product. Why, may you ask? Well first thing- foundation and concealer in one? Does it actually work?

I went into my local Sephora and got colour matched by the lady there, as she applied the product onto the side of my face I quickly noticed the difference from one side to the other... Wow! I was seriously surprised. I decided to purchase it and try it out myself, adding my usual face products, lotion, primer, blush etc. Wow bigggg difference. It's full coverage so all those little imperfections we all have will be covered with this foundation. As I have mentioned in my past posts, I'm not the type of girl that likes to re-apply her makeup throughout the day, so I was quite impressed with it lasting all day. The best part is, is that it comes in so many shades, which is awesome. I, myself appreciate brands that keep in mind that there are so many women with different and beautiful skin tones.
The consistency of this makeup isn't heavy, I didn't feel like my face had much on it, as I personally found it very light. I also never experienced any discomfort of any sort on my skin. The girl at Sephora applied the foundation with a make-up brush, I personally preferred using my fingers to apply it (personal preference), you can also use a beauty blender, or a brush like she did. Overall an amazing product that I highly recommend you guys try.

I am number 2 in shade " Alabaster". 

If you guys are looking for something long lasting and flawless, check this baby out!


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